The third season of the year that goes by two names: fall and autumn. It's a time when crops and fruits are gathered and leaves fall, in the northern hemisphere from September to November. It's a time for cooling temperatures and a freshness in the air, brilliant colours and fall fairs.

Contributing artists are arranged alphabetically by surname: Anne Chung, Lisa MacDonald, Maria Sarkany

Anne Chung
My paintings explore interpretations of nature's everyday events and I'm inspired by an internal response to an emotion, a memory or a life experience. I have a passion for the painting process and the ability to convey my own personal creative expression and unique vision. My painting style is constantly evolving and I enjoy the interaction of the medium either on canvas or paper using glazes, layering and textures. My artistic endeavor is to capture a feeling on canvas, and communicate that feeling with the viewer; if by chance that feeling is reciprocated then, voila, success!
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  • Windblown Birch XVI

Windblown Birch XVI

36" x 48" x 1¾"

  • Spring Symphony

Spring Symphony

25" x 21½"

  • Peony Arrangement

Peony Arrangement

9" x 12" unframed

Lisa MacDonald
I never tire of painting landscapes but I'm starting to discover the vibrant colors produced with palette/painting knives. Fall is especially beautiful to paint obviously for the vivid colors of the season. Still, I find it hard to compete with the splendor of creation.
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  • The Elm Tree

The Elm Tree

Acrylic on canvas
12" x 12"

Inspiration: This beautiful elm tree hangs over the Raisin River in Martintown Ontario and its color is gorgeous in the fall.

  • Nature Reclaims

Nature Reclaims

Acrylic on canvas
12" x 12"

Inspiration: I love to paint sheds and old barns and this one seemed so interesting because the surrounding vines and weeds seem to be starting to take over the entire building that appears to have been abandoned.

Maria Sarkany
The artworks reflect the artist's fascination with the Canadian urban and rural landscape. Specifically at this time of fall the dazzling richness of colours are amazing. The fluidity of the brush work reflects her conviction of the interconnectedness of all living creatures of the world.
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  • Autumn Breeze

Autumn Breeze

18" x 24"

  • Autumn Symphony

Autumn Symphony

48" x 24"

  • Phantoms of Fall

Phantoms of Fall

24" x 48"

For availability and to purchase artwork, please contact Zorica Krasulja, the WAAH (Acting) Exhibitions Chair.

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