Spring is nature's way of reminding us that every day is worthy of celebration.The cold, long days of winter are fading away, so we are inspired by the warming temperatures, rains, and the emgerence of growth; from the first Snow Drops and Crocus, to the full bloom of leaves on the trees.

Contributing artists are arranged alphabetically by surname: . . .

All pieces are reported as follows: Height x Width. Where given, the depth is the last number. I.e., Height x Width x Depth.

Exhibitor's Name
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  • Spring Flower 1

Spring Flower 1

Acrylic on watercolor paper
5" x 7"

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  • Spring Flower 2

Spring Flower 2

9" x 12"

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For availability and to purchase artwork, please contact Zorica Krasulja, the WAAH Exhibitions Chair.

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