Spring is nature's way of reminding us that every day is worthy of celebration. The cold, long days of winter are fading away, so we are inspired by the warming temperatures, rains, and the emergence of growth; from the first Snow Drops and Crocus, to the full bloom of leaves on the trees.

Submission Deadline:  February 20

Conditions of Entry:

  1. All entrants must be fully paid members of WAAH.
  2. All penalty fees must be paid prior to entering this exhibition.
  3. All works must be themed to the exhibition.
  4. A maximum of three works can be submitted.
  5. Images should be a minimum of 1000 px and a minimum of 200 dpi resolution.
  6. Label image files clearly. Surname and title. e.g., Smith_Winters_Feast.jpg (or jpeg).
  7. Include a short blurb (per image) about what inspired you to create the piece.
  8. Include titles, size, medium, and selling price for each piece.
  9. Works will be up for approximately 3 months.
  10. No commission fees charged and sales are the responsibility of the artist.
  11. All classes of work listed are accepted: Paintings, mixed media pieces, drawings, textiles, block prints and photography.



Contributing artists are arranged alphabetically by surname: Fran Elliott, Frances O'Flynn, Josie Radoman, Maria Sarkany

All pieces are reported as follows: Height x Width. Where given, the depth is the last number. i.e., Height x Width x Depth.

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  • Nesting Two

Nesting Two

Mixed media
16" x 20"
Original NFS
Prints available by request

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  • Wildflower Path

Wildflower Path

18" x 24"

Blue skies, wildflowers and a secret path through the blossoms. It seems like a perfect spring day to me.

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  • Forest Floor

Forest Floor

Mixed media
8" x 8"

This painting, the signature piece for my "A Conversation With Trees" exhibition, won BEST MIXED MEDIA at the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington Juried Exhibition. The cycle of life, all to be seen in a forest — new growth, life, decay and regeneration. Of all the pieces in this collection, this was the painting I had most difficulty parting with.

  • Nesting


Mixed media
8" x 8"

One of my memories of spring as a child, was the glorious feeling of waking up on a beautiful, sunny spring morning to the sound of birds, and anxiously waiting until I could go outside to play. What is spring without the sound of birds?

  • Vertigo


Mixed media
8" x 8"

This is my favourite tree on our property. I have photographed it many times, usually from the ground looking up to where the tree meets the sky, marveling at it's height and the tangle of branches reaching for light. It is at its best early spring. I find it unfortunate, that most people pay attention to only that which is directly ahead, that which is within their frame of vision, rarely looking up, never letting themselves experience the beautiful giants that trees are.

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  • Awakening Land

Awakening Land

  • Farm Land

Farm Land

  • Fertile Land

Fertile Land

For availability and to purchase artwork, please contact Zorica Krasulja, the WAAH Exhibitions Chair.

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