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Karen Klucowicz Biography

Karen Klucowicz is a Canadian artist in Hamilton, Ontario. Her concept-driven, bold, abstract, figure-based paintings are focused on the strength of individuals and how that strength affects relationships. "I found a voice through my art. Now I don’t hesitate to confront the issues I have (and have had) in relationships, and express them so that others can also look at and draw on their own inner strength. My art focuses on the strength that dwells within and then explores how it affects the relationships we are in — where one being leaves off and another begins or as they entwine." With the founding of studio k2 in Hamilton, Karen is committed to sharing her passion for the arts with individuals and teams with art-experience workshops and events, as well as creating opportunities for artists to grow their livelihood and, in turn, the arts and culture industry. All with the clear intent to help everyone "Live the power of art."