Women's Art Association of Hamilton

Selected Works

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The Dark, The Stars, The Light Around Me
Acrylic on wood panel
18" X 36"
Juror's Choice Award – John Parrot Art Gallery, Belleville

"The Dark, The Stars, The Light Around Me" and "The Island of Dreams" are both from my current "Dancing in the Moonlight" body of work, celebrate and embrace night and the common human experience of viewing a night sky that we have had since time began. Perhaps the inspiration first originated more than 35 years ago while studying art in Italy when, sitting on our rooftop patio, far from any light pollution produced of large cities, I experienced my first "real" starlit sky. It was an experience that goes beyond words, to say that it took my breath away, is not enough. For me, it was also about experiencing the great unknown.

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Mythical Woodlands: Night
Mixed Media
10" X 10"

"Mythical Woodlands—Night" is a mixed media painting, using an image transfer process, from my solo exhibit, A Conversation With Trees. The image in the foreground of the mythical creature appeared as a result of scanning a beautiful piece of wood, and then mirroring the image. It was a very exciting series to work on, as I learned to expect the unexpected. The series explores the ancient law of life: birth, decay, death and regeneration; the spirit of the forest and our connection to trees and what I learned from the magnificent giants.

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The Island of Dreams
Acrylic on wood panel
10" X 10"

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