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Mt. Fitzwilliam

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Spirit Island

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Sultry Day on Devil Lake

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Judith Cran - LIFE MEMBER Biography

We live in a world where the technology that was supposed to simplify our lives has complicated them. As we struggle with new advances each day, I believe we long for comfort – the comfort our environment provided to us as children. My childhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba was filled with fields of wildflowers, big prairie skies, colourful sunsets and the sounds of meadowlarks. My childhood was busy. I studied the violin and took part in music festivals, church solos, trios and quartets. However, my life wasn’t devoid of art. The walls in my home were filled with original paintings given to my parents by their artistic friends. In my middle years, these works of art became my inspiration when painting landscapes.

Because I visit the Canadian Rockies every two years and the New England States in alternate years, many of my paintings depict mountains. However, I also enjoy painting coastlines, woodland trails, rivers and streams. Within this context, I try not to simply record nature but to provide artistic insight to which the observer can relate – possibly from his or her own childhood.

The medium I use is soft pastel. I paint in my studio from my plein-air watercolour sketches supplemented by my photographs. My favourite pastel paper is Kitty Wallis. I enjoy using Terry Ludwig, Unison and Sennelier pastels. In addition to reading countless art books, I have taken art classes at the Dundas Valley School of Art, Mohawk College and the Art Gallery of Hamilton. I have also studied plein-air painting under two well-known American pastel artists – Lorenzo Chavez and Richard McKinley. Like wine, the artistry of my violin and painting improve as I age.

I am honoured that my paintings have been exhibited at Philpott Memorial Church, included in four “Art in the Workplace” exhibitions at McMaster Innovation Park, and included in six “Annual Juried Exhibitions” held by the Women’s Art Association at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

In all my art work, I hope to distil the magical scene that has inspired me into a painting, which will move others.