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 Sunday, April 8, 2018     Krystyna Smolen, WAAH Member   

APRIL 2018 — Sketching in a gallery is one of several things which artists have to embrace as part of their "To Do List". It is a pleasure to meet up with likeminded individuals and art enthusiasts and an opportunity for dialogue and self-discovery while sketching at the AGH.

Jolanta Stanisz sketching
After meeting in the galleries lounge we engage in short, pleasant conversation, than stroll together through the great premises looking for an inspiration. Each of us followed individual mood and feelings to choose the subjects of own work.

As the sun shines thought the galleries clear glass windows, its sharp rays instill a sense of contrast in turn inviting creativity and warmth of a place worthy of art. Those, who preferred bright light, started sketching. Other, who tempted toward the darker light, wandered from room to room, finding various depictions that caught the eye, and invitingly inspired to sit and begin drawing.

Krystyna Smolen sketching
Multiple portraits hanging in the gallery were my inspiration for sketching. Drawing with haste, quickly trying to capture the human figures, their movement, gesture and mood, did not take too much effort to gracefully finish sketching before moving onto another.

This session allowed for time to create my four simple drafts: included were portraits of three ladies posing in various postures, as well, a reclining figure of the younger boy lying on hay, deeply in thought concentrating on his reading.

Not drawing for an extended period of time, there was a discovery of a lost sense of joy in simply taking a pencil and just sketching. Being surrounded by a friendly, supportive environment offered by peers and compiled with a sense exuberance in visiting the gallery had offered me a very satisfying retreat from an everyday busy life.

Sketching at the AGH is a wonderful idea that I strongly endorse. An afternoon of "Sketching and Tea" can never be organized too often. AGH is an absolutely perfect setting for artists, people, anyone to meet and exchange their artistic philosophies. All inspiring are the galleries collections of artifacts and paintings from various classical to contemporary periods. These serve us all not only for an appreciation of art, but as excellent examples from which one can refine their techniques while absorbing from the worlds masters.

 Jolanta Stanisz sketching

Krystyna Smolen sketching

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