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Cathy McPherson Biography

Cathy McPherson is an Arts Diploma student at the Toronto School of Art, and has been a sessional printer at Open Studio (a printer's collective) in Toronto. She has experimented with acrylic painting, moving into abstract, multi-media, printing and etching in more recent years. Since moving to Hamilton in 2013, she has participated in life drawing sessions on James Street North, and shown her work in the Jessica Roth Studio. She is a member of the artist collective Hamilton Artists Inc. and Centre 3.


Artist Statement

I love to experiment and mix different mediums, colour and shapes to see what will happen. But mostly, when I do art I feel it is important to get "into" the subject and feel it as I develop it. The wonderful thing about art is that the natural world really influences what artists do—whether they realize it or not. It is interesting to explore natural themes and mechanical themes—sometime separately or together—and introduce people/figure studies into the mix.



Gallery 1162, the John B. Aird Gallery, the Dignam Gallery (Women's Art Association of Canada), Art Square Gallery, the Sage Restaurant Gallery, Gate 403 Jazz Restaurant, Roncey Rocks and the Jessica Roth Studio.