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Bird of Paradise–Dance

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A Curious Path

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Eileen Romaker Biography

I believe that strong art comes from the soul and expresses our deepest emotions and beliefs about life. I work with watercolour mostly because I love its fluidity and transparency. I allows me to explore and capture moods that are both lively and imaginary. My subject matter is determined from a mix of memory, photos and dreams.

I frequently add ink or other media for enhancement and sparkle. I rely on instinct to develop a picture and prefer a slightly unfinished or understated quality that lets the viewer become engaged and finish the story. This creates a sense of mystery and curiousity.

As a child I wanted to be an artist, but I took a path of practicality and studied Latin in high school. Later I became a nurse, married, raised a family, and when I was confronted with MS I found once again the joy and freedom that painting allowed me.

As a member of the Women's Art Association of Hamilton, I have participated in many juried shows at the AGH. I was invited to exhibit in a solo show at the Griffin House in Ancaster as well as at other community events. Currently, my work can be seen in a fundraising campaign for the National MS Society, several corporate offices, and in private collections.

"A man of creative intelligence, can never be a prisoner of fate."