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Lynne Ryall Biography

My main desire is to capture shapes, textures, edges, colours, light, and reflections on land and water at different times of the day. I aim to create strong, even spiritual, impressions of moments in time. I want to convey my sense of Canadian landscapes in ways that invite viewers to remember and invest meaning in their own memories of similar settings. As Canadians, so many of us are in awe of the vast and rugged beauty of our country, and build our sense of shared identity around it. Each of my works begins with immersion — my presence — in a landscape. Only from the groundwork of personal immersion, can I mobilize my experience for translation to the canvas. For each work, I spend time on-site photographing, value-sketching, and often doing preliminary watercolour or acrylic plein air sketch work before creating the final work.

Lynne's studio is based in Hamilton, ON.