Women's Art Association of Hamilton

Selected Works

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Muse oil on canvas 19.0" x 19.0"

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Two Babies oil on canvas 36.0" x 24.0"

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Delicate oil on canvas 19.0" x 19.0"

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Lake of Love, Bruge oil on paper 7.0" x 10.0"

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All for you oil on canvas 9.0" x 12.0"

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Radiance oil on panel 12.0" x 12.0"

Gem de Bustos Biography

Gem de Bustos is a Filipina contemporary artist with a passion for oil painting. Her artistic journey began as a self-taught painter, and her creations are a testament to her dedication and talent. Drawing inspiration from over 13 years of extensive travel as a flight attendant, Gem infuses her art with unique blend of cultural influences and experiences.

In 2020, Gem made the bold decision to transition into a full-time role as both a devoted mother and a committed artist. This pivotal moment allowed her to immerse herself fully in her craft, unlocking a new level of creativity and depth in her work. Since then, Gem has successfully completed numerous commissioned pieces for clients spanning the globe, a testament to the universal appeal and impact of her art.

With a background in communication arts, interior design and her ongoing studies in Business Marketing converge to form solid foundation for her artistic endeavors. This diverse skill set empower her to navigate the art world with a strategic and insightful approach, ensuring her work reaches a wide audience and resonates with art enthusiasts worldwide.

Through her paintings, Gem shares a visual journey, offering glimpse into her vibrant experiences, emotions and interpretations of the world around her. Each stroke of her brush tells a story, inviting viewers to explore the depths of the creative expression.