Women's Art Association of Hamilton

Selected Works

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Disjoint mixed media on board 30" x 30"

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Fabrication mixed media on board 8" x 8"

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Segment mixed media on board 12" x 12"

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Shift mixed media on board 24" x 24"

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Grid mixed media on board 24" x 24"

Janice Kovar Biography

Hamilton artist Janice Kovar is interested in the process of removal, contrast of materials, re-purposing and reconstruction. She creates paintings and assemblages that speak to the notion of fragmentation of natural forms, distortions, and tension in surfaces. Texture and manipulation of material play a key role in her abstracted work. Her intention is to engage the viewer in a conversation about the process of painting.

Janice has participated in many group and solo exhibitions within the Hamilton/Toronto area including TOAF 2023, Earl’s Court Gallery in Hamilton, McMaster Museum of Art, and the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas. She holds an Honours Art and Art History B.A from McMaster University, as well as a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University.

Janice continues to develop her work from her studio at the Cotton Factory in Hamilton, Ontario.