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Irina Markova Biography

Irina was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. At the age of 6 years old a local Artist/Teacher discovered her Artistic potential. He put together all of Irina’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures made from bars of soap, and created her first solo exhibition.

Since then her resilience, and dedication to the visual Arts has never stopped no matter what life has put in front of her. She graduated from the Collage of Ceramics and Glass, finished with a Masters in Fine Arts at the National Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has worked in the fields of ceramics, animation,
photography, and decorations in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Since immigrating to Canada she graduated from a Post Graduate Program in Independent Studies at Dundas Valley School of Art in 2009. Studied in the Community Artist Educator Training Program with the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Created a solo exhibition at the FlopHouse Gallery. She has been an Event Planner and interior Designer for Anna McCusker. She has also been an instructor of ceramics & pottery in the Immigrant Art Culture Association of Hamilton.

Now, Irina works as a portrait Model for the Art gallery of Burlington and volunteers in the AGH, and DVSA. Irina’s practice spans across many mediums. Drawings from Nature, life models, abstract paintings, inks, pencil, acrylic, tempera, water colour, ceramics sculptures, and photography. Irina stoves to capture the beauty in everyday life. Art in any shape or form constantly pours out of her for all to experience, and see.