Women's Art Association of Hamilton

Selected Works

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Intermission Acrylic 36 x 48 $18,000

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People on James Street Acrylic 31.5 x 39.5 $18,000

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James Street Acrylic 14 x 18 $2,000

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Boris Brott Festival Acrylic 11 x 14 $5,000

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Readiness Acrylic 36 x 48 $18,000

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Awareness Acrylic 48 x 72 $36,000

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Maria Sarkany Biography

Maria is a devoted observer of the ever changing daily life. Her paintings are colorful snapshots of the urban and rural landscape of Canada. Her work is a testimony of undeniable affection for Canada. Her award-winning paintings and graphics are displayed in corporate and private collections in three continents.

Maria H. Sarkany SCA is an elected member of the “Society of Canadian Artists”. She was born and educated in Europe. From 1962 to 1967 graduated from the School of Fine Arts in the textile design discipline.

In 1998 she becomes one of the Royal Canadian Mint “Create a Centsation!” contest winner. Her coin design title is “A Nation of People”. In 2000 she donated to “Our Millennium” two sculpture designs titled: “Gates of Burlington” and “Oh Canada”. In 2003 she participated in the BAC 25th Anniversary “Connections” Juried Exhibition in Green Hall Itabashi Japan. In 2004 Maria was awarded by the Ontario Arts Council an Exhibition Assistance Grant. In 2005 she was one of the artists representing the city of Burlington in the Apeldoorns Museum “Twin City” Juried Exhibition, in the Netherlands. In 2005 with HuVAC she participated in a four major Hungarian city touring exhibition titled “Between two homelands”. In 2006 she was an exhibiting artist and a committee member at “Artists Walk” Alliance Inc. Cooperative, in Burlington.